The Put & Call Tactician

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The Put & Call Tactician began as a weekly newsletter in 1977 and has been an invaluable asset for short-term stock and option traders for more than two decades. The service analyzes hundreds of stocks and commodities using statistical and technical analysis. Recommendations are mathematical, not emotional.

With this service you receive short-term buy and sell signals and technical comments on each stock. In addition, you receive several other unique statistical measures that help you forecast the future action of a stock. 

These include:

  • A power rating that identifies stocks that are ready to move NOW!
  • An A, B, C, or D grade for each stock. Short, intermediate and long-term potential;
  • The 20-week volatility for each stock. Required for option analysis programs;
  • Computer generated Option Profit Boxes that give specific recommendations with a well-defined game plan;
  • Unique Simulator tells you the probability of hitting your profit goal or of hitting your stop loss over a three-week holding period;
  • Plus much more!