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Our winning philosophy for the options game:

  • Buy cheap, underpriced options (our pricing tables show you how to find the underpriced options).
  • Don't go overboard; play the options game with a small portion of your investment money, a speculative cash pool that you can put at risk and still sleep at night.
  • Beware of high expectations; if you expect to make big money immediately, you're in for trouble.
  • Have a game plan; plan to buy a certain number of options every month, invest in calls and puts, buy only cheap, underpriced options that are close to their strike price, buy options that have plenty of time left in them, consider other pricing factors (supply and demand, liquidity, interest rates) when you can.
  • Try playing on paper first; get a feeling for what can happen before you put your money and your adrenaline levels on the line.
  • You can get started without much cash, as little as $300 - $500, if you have a good game plan and you stick to it. 
  • Learn and remember the basic rules of probability (we cover them); our system will still produce losing streaks and you have to be psychologically prepared to deal with that.

Not glamorous or filled with glowing promises, but it makes sense in light of what most options investors have learned the hard way.

We advise all readers that it should not be assumed that present or future recommendations will be profitable or will equal the performance of previous recommendations. Subscribers should recognize that risk is involved in any option or security investment. This publication should only be used by sophisticated investors who are fully aware of the risks in options trading.

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